Bring A Hat Day

Publication and #BringAHatDay!

So I’m going to be honest – last week was a bit of a biggie for me. On Thursday, You Must Bring A Hat hit the shelves. Hurrah!

Publication was celebrated over on Twitter with myself, Kate and lots of other lovely people tweeting their silly hat photos using #BringAHatDay. There were some seriously impressive hats on show!

Some of my headgear was classier than others:


But it was great fun to see the efforts of some of my friends and family:

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A huge hatty thank you to everyone who took part, and for the wonderful team at S&S who made it all happen.  Here’s Jane and Lara looking very glam in their hats!


Although friends sent me pictures of the book on the shelves, I had to wait until the following day to see it for myself. My local bookshop sold out of copies on Thursday – my sister found herself somewhat reluctantly buying the last copy!

I did, however, find it the following day in London on my way to visit friends.  This was, quite literally, a breathtaking moment – mainly as I’d just walked up three flights of stairs, which is a couple more than I’m used to and which also explains my slightly bedraggled state.


It turned out that I wasn’t just visiting a couple of friends, as I’d thought, but was in fact the victim of an impeccably organised surprise celebration, complete with HAT balloon, HAT cake and HAT marshmallows (one of which, unfortunately, had my face on)!

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This, in theory, is my worst nightmare (and had never happened to me before), but it was a right ol’ bubble and very lovely of my friends, who know I’m absolutely rubbish at properly celebrating anything myself, and need to be forced to do it. The mood was great, the drinks refreshing and alcoholic (can you tell?!), and the cake delicious, though I haven’t eaten my own face just yet. I trust all who came a little less than I did before, as they told various lies and kept the secret in true surprise-party fashion – but I’m very glad they did.

There have also been some very exciting, rather smashing reviews so far of You Must Bring A Hat, which are available here, here and here (thank you Sarah, Anne and Jill!).

An enormous thank you also to the startlingly brilliant Kate Hindley, whose beautiful illustrations and comic touch make the story far funnier than my text could ever have been without her:


the fantastic team of lovely people at S&S, my agent Sallyanne, and to everyone who has bought the book and recommended it to others!

It’s been a fun week!